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The Cosmo Agency Examines The Power of a Smile

The Cosmo Agency has found that in order to have a more positive and vibrant team, one very important thing is necessary. It’s one of the easiest things to do and it can put you in front for being successful — it’s a smile. According to a recent article by Success Magazine, “When people complain, their facial expressions become scrunched and anxious. When we feel threatened by a negative family member or co-worker, our faces usually reflect exactly what we are trying to reject.” This is important to note because in the business world, we are always meeting new people and being surrounded by a changing environment. “This change can sometimes cause fluctuation of moods for certain individuals, but as a business owner, it’s important to always keep your head high and keep your facial expression positive and upbeat with a smile,” says The Cosmo Agency. 


The article on Success Magazine mentions, “When we interact with people who are in a good mood, we subconsciously begin to copy their body language, tone of voice and facial expressions. Once we mimic these physical behaviors, research shows we actually begin to feel the emotion ourselves. When we smile, our mood elevates. Scientists refer to this as the “facial feedback hypothesis.” The Cosmo Agency completely agrees with this theory. This, we feel, has been enacted in our office and we also find that being in a situation where the right body language and facial expressions are used, come in very productively. Success Magazine also states, “To test this theory, then-Yale psychologist Sigal Barsade, Ph.D., conducted a study in which she assigned a group of volunteers to a task and privately instructed one group member to act overly positive. Barsade recorded her subjects and tracked the emotions of each individual before and after the session. She found that when the positive person entered the room, his jovial mood was picked up by the rest of the group almost instantly. Incredibly, the performance of each individual increased, and the group’s ability to achieve its goal improved.”


“Next time when you have a team meeting, or group gathering make sure to spark up the room with your smile. As you’re smiling, chuckling there’s a greater chance and guarantee that the individuals listening will chime in also, it’s just natural that way,” says the CEO of The Cosmo Agency. This also ensures a more productive and upbeat work environment for business partners and representatives. “Being in an area where smiles are being exchanged and positivity is flowing can be very addictive, it’s a great place to be in,” added The Cosmo Agency.

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