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The Cosmo Agency: Important Traits of Valuable People

I value people who can be humble, accountable and vulnerable. It is surprising that many people try to mask their weaknesses instead of owning them and asking for help. I commend people who can be accountable for a mistake and have the character to share it. The amount of trust that is created from that ownership is invaluable in developing a deeper and more trusting relationship” (Alex Glasscock, founder and CEO of The Ranch). Valuable individuals are very hard to come by. These are the underrated heroes, workers, and leaders of our time. “The Cosmo Agency believes that individuals who are accountable, understanding and humble make the best leaders. These individuals are those that put under challenging situations, but make a way out efficiently,” says the CEO of The Cosmo Agency.


Another CEO, Alexia Brue (co-founder and CEO of Well + Good) says, ““I value and admire people who exhibit grace under pressure. Being able to stay level headed, productive and, perhaps most importantly, well humored during big launches and intense periods inspires other people on the team to stay focused and to get stuff done without getting too intense about anything.” Most times leadership is looked at as someone who needs to be tough and almost, ‘mean.’ Individuals are taught to be intimidated by superiors. “However, real leadership derives from helping others and admiring those that have kindness to do so even if they are put under pressure constantly,” says The Cosmo Agency. In a basic sense, leadership is for those that are level-headed.


“We’re happy and proud of our Cosmo crew. They all have the mindset of a leader. They strive to reach goals everyday and compete to be the best of the best. Valuable people come in all shapes, sizes, colors and kinds. They are who they are because they believe in others and above all, they believe in themselves,” says The Cosmo Agency. It is essential to have valuable characteristics to be a great leader and good human being. We value those that are.


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